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"Bill is a very knowledgable astrology expert!  His enthusiasm is contagious!  He was always open to any questions asked by any class members.  The atmosphere that Bill created was very positive and one of mutual respect."
Whatcom Community College Continuing Education student, 2014​​

"Both the obstacles to truth and the truth itself lie within us."  Ralph Metzer

Bill Nolan is a phenomenal astrologer. 
He takes his time to explain every nuance,and he presents the information in such a way that pathways are open even if the aspects are challenging. 
Bill is dedicated to his field—he's constantly reading about and testing new paradigms. 
I would not make a life-altering decision without consulting Bill.  
Fay Abrams

I'll never forget the  first time I came to Bill for a reading.  We didn't know each other and, being the skeptic that I am, I was afraid and untrusting.  But when Bill started to describe what was in my chart, I was astounded. It wasn't at all what I expected. it was nuanced, full, accurate, and helped explain me to myself  in a way that resonated as the truth.  Now,  I seek Bill's council whenever I am unsure of what is happening or want to be deliberative about what to consider next.
Salley Trefethen​​