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Astrologer Bill Nolan has over 30 years' experience, drawing from ancient and modern astrological techniques and from a rich background in Jungian psychology.  In addition to individual or couples' readings, Bill is available to teach aspiring astrologers the nuances of chart interpretation.

​Bill defines his work as offering you the opportunity to see with fresh and ancient eyes the fabric of life—yours, your relationship's, and society's as a whole. 

Working with Bill has been a gift.  I can count the gift in 3 ways. 1. Validating the truth I carry with me- but too often doubt.  2. Encouraging and inspiring me to see beyond the ordinary.  

3. Explaining to me that there is a design in all chaos. That there are many portals to see from. To let a good bit of whimsy, humor and work itself into each day. If you get a chance give yourself a gift, work with Bill. Tiny investment, huge joyous results. Reach out to Bill.

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Astrology originally emerged in cultures enfolded in the natural world.  It was originally referred to as the "language of nature," and was understood to be a way of acknowledging and articulating the natural rhythms of which we are composed and within which we function.  Today, astrology still serves to remind us that our well-being is enhanced when we are consciously aware of and attuned to these cycles and rhythms. 

Who is Bill?

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