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The main tool I use as an astrologer is called a 'birth chart.'  I construct your birth chart based on the exact time, date, and place of your birth. The birth chart is a snapshot of the architecture of the solar system as seen from your viewpoint at the moment of your first breath.

Spiritually, the birth chart is a blueprint of the person you have the potential to be. This blueprint has a profound organizing influence on the shape and  direction of your life. As this blueprint manifest and realizes itself in time​,

Who are you becoming on your journey? 

What chapter of your life are you in?

And what kinds of challenges and opportunities are presenting themselves right now?

While chaos and change are almost always daunting, they are also pathways that help us grow into who we truly are. This work quite naturally evokes self-awareness, freeing us from learned patterns and encouraging us to embrace our uniqueness. With self-awareness comes choice; with choice, the possibility of freedom.

How Bill Works with Your Chart


it becomes a story, or what has been called your 'life myth' the word myth originally meant 'one's truest or deepest story'). 

As you and I work with your birth chart and the blueprint it represents, together we unfold its meaning by examining the components of the chart (or parts of yourself) that direct and shape your life. We attempt to discover, in the details of your chart, the unique way you are growing into your wholeness.

In doing so, we ask three fundamental questions: