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Astrology has been a powerful focal point of my life.  Even though I majored in and received a B.A. in anthropology and minored in psychology and education, my true calling and gift is my ability to interpret, simplify, and teach astrology.  My own life has been my laboratory for deepening my understanding of the planets and the impact they have on the human experience.  As a result, I have the capacity to help others utilize and integrate this ancient tool into modern life.

I have maintained an astrological counseling and teaching practice for over 35 years. I taught at the University of New Mexico's School of Continuing Education and in private classes in Santa Fe with renowned astrologer Tom Brady while also teaching private classes in Albuquerque.  I have been a keynote speaker at several national astrological conferences; have organized (in concert with the University of New Mexico) an international conference showcasing cutting edge astrological techniques that featured well-known author and astrologer Rob Hand; and tutored aspiring astrologers privately and in small groups.  

I moved to Bellingham in 2010 from Albuquerque and have been teaching beginning and intermediate astrology classes at Whatcom Community College since 2012. I also teach private classes in advanced astrological techniques.  I am passionate about astrology and am constantly studying and refining my skills.    

It is my honor and pleasure to be of service to you in your time of need.
Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions about astrology or are curious about my particular approach.
I'd love to talk to you. 


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